I have seen Glenn guide several startup companies into well managed and viable businesses. I have been continually impressed with Glenn’s insight, organizational skills and ability to find well-reasoned solutions to business challenges.
Glenn is a business consultant focused on
coaching senior executives and guiding
businesses through transitional situations.


Coaching gives leaders the opportunity to navigate professional and personal challenges under the guidance of an experienced, unbiased person. A true collaboration, coaching addresses real issues rather than identified problems. It isn’t that a coach knows all the answers; simply that a coach is not part of the problem.


Collaboration accelerates transformation. In Patch Coaching Peer Groups, executives from non- competing businesses come together to improve their problem-solving skills and maximize results. Working as a team, group members tackle similar issues and obstacles and become better leaders.


While coaching focuses on individuals and teams, consultation services are designed to impact the systems and processes driving an organization. Using a variety of tools, Patch Consultation Services improve communication, addresses barriers to change, and strengthens relationships between the executive and his or her team of direct reports.