About Glenn

Glenn Patch has always held a passionate desire to help people learn and improve.

Glenn founded Patch Coaching in 1995, at the pinnacle of a long and varied career combining business acumen with training, teaching and counseling expertise.

On the business side, Glenn has functioned in a variety of leadership positions as a consultant and executive manager. Industries include logistic, technology, agriculture, food processing and healthcare. He has worked nationally and internationally developing businesses in the start-up, transitional and operational phases. Much of his experience comes from working within family-owned businesses, which has given Glenn a first-hand understanding of their unique leadership challenges.

On the human-services side, Glenn is a master trainer and has taught at the university and community college levels. As CEO of Central Valley Business Incubator, Glenn coached many start-up leaders trying to turn their ideas into reality.

Having worked on both sides of the table. Glenn has a unique perspective that’s a decided advantage for his clients. His coaching services are designed to assist leaders:

  • Work through their immunity to change
  • Transition smoothly from one role to another
  • Achieve their goals, personally and professionally
  • Remove roadblocks and modify behavior that stifles productivity
  • Become more aware of what works best for them —and what doesn’t

More than anything, Glenn truly enjoys working with CEOs, business owners and leadership teams looking to move their organization forward, and individuals who want to realize their potential.