Why Does Coaching Work?

Coaching works because it clarifies three key aspects of leadership; Expectations, Agreement and Accountability. Defining expectations increases our awareness of what we want. Blending our joint expectations into an agreement creates a basis for accountability. By working together we realize a more focused understanding of what we want in our personal and professional life and

Right Person Right Place

In today’s economy the most important asset any company has are its people. The ability to find the right people, put them in the right job and motivate them to succeed is the most important aspect of an organization. After all people is generally the greatest expense of any company. Yet most current methods for

What is the difference between Coaching and Consulting?

The primary difference between coaching and consulting is that coaching is focused on the individual and consulting on the business. A consultant will provide a solution for the client, such as exactly which road to take to get somewhere. The coach will ask the right questions so that the client can arrive at the destination

Fail Faster!!!

The goal of this Blog is to share ideas and issues that will simulate thinking; mine and the people reading it. When I was working as CEO of a business incubator I learned the concept of Fail Faster. At first this was alien to me, as the concept of failure was always something I tried