Organizational Development is a leadership directed effort to increase an organization’s ability to achieve meaningful change. Drawing upon first-hand knowledge of C-level management as well as an extensive understanding of critical business systems, our consulting services can help you improve effectiveness, viablity and performance company-wide.

We work with the leadership team to develop a shared vision for the company and address barriers to change. Using a variety of assessment tools and strategies Patch Coaching can enhance communication through the development of common understanding of strengths and operating styles transforming the underlying systems of your organization.


Glenn is an executive coach and organizational development consultant. He founded Patch Coaching in 1995, combining his business acumen with his years of training, teaching and counseling experience. Glenn has held several C-level positions in a wide range of businesses from start-ups to international corporations, particularly within family-owned businesses. He is also a master trainer, former college instructor and past CEO of Central Valley Business Incubator.

More than anything, Glenn truly enjoys working with CEOs, business owners and leadership teams looking to move their organization forward, and individuals who want to realize their potential.


Glenn’s approach is leadership-focused and results-oriented. Research indicates the greatest results are generated by a leadership team that shares a common vision and communicates this vision throughout the organization.

The organizational development consulting process generally includes:

  • Objective evaluation of the systems defining how your organization operates
  • Assessment of strengths, weaknesses and missing elements
  • Collaboration on a shared vision for the company and quantifiable expectations for the engagement
  • Development of change strategies—and often, implementation and management of the recommended actions
  • The highest commitment to accountability

Patch Coaching has affiliated relationships with other consulting groups specializing in training, accounting, technology, financial planning, marketing and other components of a business. As needs dictate, we collaborate to achieve stated goals.


Fees are based upon the scope and duration of the project. A cost estimate will be provided for budget purposes, along with the initial proposal.

If you or your organization have reached a turning point, contact Patch Coaching today.

I’ve worked with Glenn on a variety of projects. He has an in-depth knowledge of intermodal transportation and significant management experience in organizational development, operations and the growth of leadership teams.

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